It’s always gratifying when people think your work is good enough to say nice things about it. 

We’re lucky that a number of people have taken the time to put pen to paper (or at least finger tip to keyboard). You can read some of the comments we’ve had below but if you’d like more detail then let us know. We’re more than happy to put you in touch with any of our clients, whether we’re working with them right now or it’s been a while since we’ve done anything. 

We’ve also included some case studies we’ve written up from projects we’ve completed in the past. You can read these case studies by clicking on the links below. 

Oh… and don’t forget, we won a National Training Award in 2008 for our work in franchising! 

Here are some testimonials from clients: 



“We’ve worked with Richard and Renee from Derigo Consulting for some time now. 

They are flexible, know their stuff and we always receive excellent feedback from our franchisees after a course. 

What’s more, the trainers don’t pull their punches. If something needs to be said to a franchisee to help them focus on sales and marketing, it gets said… always positively and with suggested actions to improve results. 

Our franchisees find this extremely beneficial and welcome the candour. 

Franchisees find their initial training course, delivered by Derigo Consulting, challenging but very, very useful. Just recently we had a franchisee complete a course and a couple of days later had four sales appointments in one day – he won every piece of business. He’d never been in sales before. 

We’re looking forward to working with Derigo Consulting in the future.” 

Karl Sandall, Chief Executive Officer, TaxAssist Accountants 







“We have worked with Derigo Consulting for a while. 

We have a great working relationship that is both honest and open, focused on providing the very best service to us and, more importantly, to our franchisees as they prepare to launch their new businesses. 

The sales and marketing training delivered by Derigo is intensive, and their trainers work hard to deliver an experience that not only enhances the ChipsAway experience, in the eyes of our franchisees, but also provides the skills and confidence to go for growth when they launch their ChipsAway franchise. 

Our relationship with Derigo Consulting has helped to take our sales and marketing training to a new level. Our franchisees clearly benefit from the intensive programme we have put in place.” 

Lloyd Evans, Chief Executive Office, ChipsAway International 

Here are some comments from delegates who have attended our courses: 

“Excellent. Can’t wait to get out there. It was a great and exciting learning process. The team was brilliant. Thank you.” 

AM, Leicester 

“Tough, but well worth it… fantastic.” 

GR, Farnham 

“Fantastic, intensive course. Enjoyed all the week and the trainers were fabulous!” 

RM, Melbourne 

“Thanks for everything. Time to stop messing around and put all your training into practice.”” 

AH, Worthing 

“Three words describe this course – amazing, excellent and exhausting! Came here with a small amount of knowledge but leaving with confidence. Thanks to everyone.” 

DA, Kingston-upon-Thames 

“Brilliant, excellent and motivational week. Best course I’ve ever been on – thanks.” 

DS, Worcester 

“Amazing course. Now feel so much more confident to take on clients and the industry. Long live Derigo Consulting.” 

LM, Yorkshire 

“Great week! Learned heaps – thanks.” 

GR, Geelong, Australia 

“This will make me a success.” 

EG, Dublin 

“Amazing level of service – definitely done what you taught.” 

BS, Walsall 

“Great training, fantastic company, loved every minute – including video skills!!” 

AH, London 

“Fantastic ‘customer service’ – worth the journey. Thanks a million.” 

JF, Brisbane, Australia 

“Everything about this place has been spot on. Thanks.” 

IM, Burton-on-Trent 

“Quite the best course I’ve ever been on. Thanks.” 

JG, Poynton 

Other comments about Derigo Consulting: 

“TaxAssist Accountants have used Derigo to train the majority of our network of 160 franchisees. Richard and Renee are passionate about helping people improve their sales and marketing skills and we always know we can rely on them to deliver everything they say they will….and more!” James Mattam 

“I have recently attended a five day course run by Richard, I have seen how well he coaches and motivates his clients, being more than just the “traditional” business trainer. Clear and insightful advice is given in an understandable and helpful way. Anyone wishing to improve, grow and/or develop their business, or their business life, would be well advised to speak to Richard to understand how he can help.” Stuart Moore 

“When I first joined the TaxAssist network, Richard was tasked with trying to turn a bunch of accountants into skilled and effective marketers – quite a stretch for anyone, but a role he continues to carry out with all incoming franchisees. The skill Richard has is not only arming us with the tools to succeed in an area many of us feel uncomfortable in, but actually making us genuinely believe that marketing can be enjoyable. Without any doubt at all the time I sent learning from Richard was the most worthwhile training I’ve undertaken since qualifying in the dim and distant past. He is always available for ongoing advice and is an excellent resource to have available. I’m convinced that our network would not be as strong as it is today without Richard’s vital input and ongoing support.” Mike Tombs 

“I have used many career, management and skills based training courses over the years, but I found the seminars delivered by Richard and Derigo to be some of the most creative and thought provoking I have experienced It is difficult to keep the attention of a room full of directors over a number of days if the content of the course being given isn’t up to scratch, but Richard had no trouble imparting innovative and highly effective material with great aplomb I would heartily recommend” Mark Crossley 

“Richard’s training, coaching and motivation is simply the best I have experienced in my professional career. He has drawn out of me skills that I did not know I had and helped to give me the confidence to use them to great advantage. Always professional, always personable, always approachable, I recommend Richard for his abilities in the field of professional development.”  James Sheard 

“Richard has an amazing ability to take complex business models, break them down and then communicate them in a charismatic and professional way.
I have placed 100+ franchisees on Derigo courses and have always received amazing feedback from the attendees.
 He has made my job as franchisor easier with trained franchisees focused and successful as a direct result of his training.
The follow up is equally impressive and the whole process is underpinned by training manuals that are informative, comprehensive and written in such an engaging way that
they are referred to constantly. I would not be without his services and indeed personal support in any franchise business I am involved in.”

 Patrick Thompson 

“I’ve worked with Richard on several projects over the years and have found him to take a practical, entusiastic and highly focused approach. Highly recommended.” Nial Adams 

“I have worked with Richard on a number of occasions and he is always very professional, thorough and clearly an expert at what he does.
I am yet to see a candidate who hasn’t been blown away by Richard and his associates franchise training. If a franchisee was ever in need of reassurance about
their investment then Derigo’s training courses offer this, not only in preparation but also in motivation to start their business. I would highly recommend Richard to any business.”
 Robert Dancy 

“I joined TaxAssist Accountants last year and Richard provides the marketing and business development training.
I first contacted Richard when I was preparing my business plan (on a Sunday) and the help and advice he gave was invaluable.
On the subsequent training courses Richard provided training of the highest quality and it enabled me to start my business with a level of confidence I didn’t know I had. By following the methods Richard taught me I have been able to build a substantial client base within a relatively short space of time. I believe this has only been possible due to the help I have received from Richard.” Chris Jones